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This is the third or fourth incarnation of my blog over the years. The first one was in 1997 when I would regularly make information about Bujinkan training in Japan available to people at home online in the form of training updates. Many Bujinkan martial artists were eager to get information about training, and I was happy to help. As the Internet grew, it became more and more difficult to keep up with people’s requests for information (especially as more and more people who I didn’t really know began to expect more and more information for less and less effort from themselves). I started the Kutaki No Mura forum site in 2000 as one way to help Bujinkan members exchange information online.

Over the years, my own interests grew, and indeed growth in martial arts contributed to growth in interests in other areas such as art, poetry, personal development, psychology, and esoteric spirituality. This blog therefore reflects not only my perspectives on Bujinkan martial arts, but also my perspectives on these other areas too – I see them as all being related. Although I have dedicated many of my years to Bujinkan martial arts training, I have also similarly dedicated time and energy to other aspects of my life as well, so this blog has a wide scope. I may blog about martial arts on one day, a social issue or world events on another day, and mysticism on yet another day. Posts will be categorized to make it easier to find what you may be looking for.

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