Greetings of the Solstice


To All My Friends,

Greetings of the Solstice!

This is a busy time of year with people travelling to spend time with family, and many celebrations to plan and attend, gifts to buy and send, cleaning, decorating, meal preparations, and the list goes on. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, stop for a moment. Did you stop? Good. Now stopped, realize that you are actually still moving. The Earth on which you stand, sit, walk, and run is constantly moving around and around, in its orbit around the centre of our solar system, a star which we call the Sun. No matter where we are on Earth, no matter what we are doing, no matter what traditions or beliefs we hold, no matter what holidays we celebrate – we are all constantly orbiting around our common solar centre.

The Sun, thanks to its gravitational hold, keeps not only our Earth, but also all of the other planets in its solar system, orbiting around it in an orderly fashion. Acting as a central axis of rotation, it keeps everything in balance. All of the planets owe their positions and trajectories to this central solar influence.

Like the planets, the various parts of our minds – our emotions, our preferences, strengths and weaknesses – all of the things that make up our personality, orbit around a centre – the centre of who we really are. Our true inner core. Our truest Self. It is this central Essence that has the power to bring order and balance to our lives, and the degree to which we live in accordance with this Core determines to a great degree how much happiness and fulfilment we experience in life.

With the Solstice now upon us, the days have reached their shortest of the year and our external star begins to gradually warm us with the lengthening of days once again. In this next coming revolution around our outer, visible Sun, may the Rays of your own Inner Sun and Guiding Light bring you to further fruition in Beauty, Joy, and Love as it risis gradually to its zenith above, and may you be blessed by drawing one step closer to your own Inner Light, of which our visible Sun is but a pale shadow.

Many blessings,



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